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Chicago Greens Local Bylaws

Article I. Name

1. The name of this Green local shall be Chicago Greens.

Article II. Purpose and Values

2.1. The purpose of this organization shall be to work toward a Green society, as represented by the Ten Key Values of The Greens:

Ecological Wisdom
Social Justice
Grassroots Democracy
Community-based Economics
Respect for Diversity
Personal and Global Responsibility
Future Focus

2.2. This organization may use any and all methods of non-violent social change: issue campaigns, ballot initiatives, or electoral campaigns, and their related strategies and tactics. 2.3. The activities of this local shall be carries out in keeping with the Green Political Practices as stated in the Charter and Working Guidelines of the Greens.

Article III. Membership

3.1. Membership in the Chicago Greens is open to anyone, regardless of age, race, color, national origin, spiritual belief, gender, sexual orientation, or physical challenge who pays dues or files for a waiver for exchange of services. In order to be a member, it is necessary to be in general agreement with the Ten Key Values and the bylaws of the Chicago Greens.

3.2. Upon joining the Chicago Greens, an active member in good standing shall have voting privileges after attending three consecutive, monthly general membership meetings, or, after 95 days during which three (3) or more membership meetings are fully attended. Local members may vote on local issues and serve on the Coordinating Council. [As amended at the August 20, 2000 General Membership Meeting]

3.3. Local members are automatically recognized as national members. Members receive national periodicals, may vote in national referendums, and may serve as national delegates, in addition to their rights as local members under 3.2.

Article IV. Structure

4.1. The Membership Meeting The membership meeting shall be composed of all members of the Chicago Greens.

4.2. Sessions of the Membership Meeting The Membership Meeting shall meet at least 8 times a year. At least one session a year, in the six weeks prior to the National Green Congress, shall be devoted to the consideration of national business: reviewing proposals for and electing delegates to the Congress. Preliminary notice for all Membership Meetings shall be delivered (mailed or e-mailed) to all members at least ten days in advance.

4.3. General powers of the Membership Meeting The Membership Meeting shall have final approval over all local policies and finances. It may elect and recall the Secretary, Treasurer, and members of the Coordinating Council or other working groups as necessary, in case of a violation of the membership and process standards of the Chicago Greens. It may amend the bylaws as necessary.

4.4. Coordinating Council The Coordinating Council shall be composed of seven persons including the secretary and treasurer, elected at large by the Membership Meeting.

4.5. Coordinating Council Sessions The Coordinating Council shall meet at least once a month. The time, place, medium, and agenda shall be publicized to all members of the local. The meetings shall be open to all members of the local.

4.6. Coordinating Council powers The Coordinating Council shall plan and set the agenda for Membership Meetings; shall oversee work going on between Membership Meetings; shall serve as press and media spokes people; and shall serve as a liaison body for other organizations. The Coordinating Council shall make endorsements and statements only in keeping with policies set by the Membership Meeting. If and when necessary , the Coordinating Council shall serve as the legal Board of the Organization. All Coordinating Council decisions are subject to review and revision by the Membership Meeting.

4.7. Coordinating Council terms of service The five at large Coordinating Council members and the Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected for a one year term by the Membership Meeting. They shall be limited to two consecutive terms, after which they shall rotate off for one year before being eligible to run again.

4.8. Secretary The Secretary shall be responsible for taking and publishing minutes of all Membership and Coordinating Council meetings, for keeping accurate records, and for maintaining correspondence.

4.9. Treasurer The Treasurer shall prepare yearly budgets, monitor ongoing expenses, and provide quarterly financial statements. The Treasurer shall keep the accounting or arrange with a qualified professional to do so.

4.10. Removal Any member of the Coordinating Council may be suspended for cause by a 5/7 vote of the Coordinating Council, to be reviewed by the Membership Meeting. Any member of the Coordinating Council may be removed for cause by a 3/4 vote of the Membership Meeting, in case of a violation of the membership and process standards of the Chicago Greens.

4.11 Other functional bodies The Membership Meeting may establish other functional bodies and working groups as necessary. The Coordinating Council may establish such bodies on an interim basis, pending mandatory review and confirmation by the Membership Meeting. Proposals for new functional bodies shall be supported by at least three members in good standing, and shall clearly define the rationale for, powers of, and accountability standards for the proposed new body.

Article V. Decisions The Chicago Greens shall seek agreement on all decisions, hearing all views and concerns in full. Where consensus cannot reached, decisions by all bodies of the Chicago Greens shall be approved by a 2/3 vote, except for meeting process motions which shall be approved on a simple majority. The Coordinating Council shall set additional Rules of Meeting if necessary.

Article VI. Amendments

Amendments to these bylaws may be adopted on a 3/4 vote of a Membership Meeting. Notification of proposed changes to the bylaws must be fully detailed and sent to all members one month before the meeting.  

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